When the Residue Washes Away...

...we are subject to change.

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By Lanie Reene

We've dug in our heels and it's happening. We've made a commitment and it's actually manifesting. Our collective show, Subject To Change is happening. March 20-21 @ 8:00 pm at the Actors Fund Arts Center.

The seed was planted last June when I called together a gathering of folks from the 2014 EmergeNYC cohort who had an interest in continuing to ride the momentum that began during our EMERGE program. Now that the program was over, we were tasked to hold our own space with the intention to continue learning, transforming, and evolving as artists and activists. Beautifully, this show comes at a great time as opening night aligns with the Spring Solstice...a time of rebirth.

Of course with any show you must wade through a lot of logistical, fine-tuned, overwhelming but very necessary details. Sometimes it feels like every email turns into vapor the moment you press send. People fall off, commitment diminishes, relationships decompose and flake away without nourishment, other obligations take priority. Emotions ebb and flow through sadness, loss, disappointment, straight abandonment from what appears to be a sinking ship. And the pace of NYC does a great job of further complicating the mix. We are made to feel 'too busy' to exercise consideration or a mindfulness that may otherwise make an appearance under different circumstances. WE becomes ME, but if you are able to shelve these feelings and take the extra step to give a damn, what remains after the blackened, dried residue washes away is the foundation of strong, inspiring allies--your team--being aware, being engaged, being present.

What You'll See During Subject To Change...

Hands. Delicate hands, maneuvering in and around space and bodies

Cupcakes and confusion. A body tossed and turned with frustration, grappling to perform okay.

Hopefulness in spite of the insurmountable weight of feeling invisible

Vibrating bodies and consciousness screaming don't, don't shoot

Questions without answers...answers not ready to be found

Washing, cleansing, rebirth

Circle-bonded bodies, charging space for healing through intertwined fingers and spirits

You'll see curiosity, consequences, frustration, agitation, hope, and healing...aspiring for change.

This is just a taste of what you'll see and we hope to see you.

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