Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery — what it all means… ”

— Martha Graham





One Minute and Counting [Performance Fiction]

The man next to me must have had something with garlic for lunch. I've only arrived to this conclusion because he is mouth breathing throughout the entire show. Perhaps he is in awe or maybe I’m overthinking it. It could…

2018 Women's March Observations [Politic-ing]

Women's March Observations

Main Message | Pro-choice, rights to reproductive health, right to not be harassed, right to be heard.

Secondary Message | #blacklivesmatter, no humans are illegal, science is real, LGBTQ rights are human rights, global warming is…Read more

Unite & Fight [Politic-ing]

What would it look like to unite? What would it look like to fight? Locked arm in arm against a common enemy.

An enemy basking in hate, chipping a little bit day after day of our humanityRead more

Of things to come [Politic-ing]

There is no denying the current American political climate has plunged many of us into a state of mental, emotional, physical, and quite literally global warfare. We have many options, the most urgent things to surface being find a bunker…Read more

Scribbles and notes from Platforms Lost & Found [Dance]

Damn! All that happened and I was there to witness bits and pieces of collective memory, remembering muses and mentors we lost to consider what can be found
While it’s hard to comprehend where I’m nestled in this history, it’s…