Unite & Fight [Politic-ing]

What would it look like to unite? What would it look like to fight? Locked arm in arm against a common enemy.

An enemy basking in hate, chipping a little bit day after day of our humanity.

He has made it clear that no one but racist white folks are welcome here. But here you do not own.

LOCK him in the tower, that glass palace prison (we pay for) that he calls home.

You've said NO to Blacks, women, LGBTQ, immigrants, trans... DREAMers, Muslims, healthcare, and environmental change.

NO to every segmented minority, who collectively compose a strong majority.

What a sight it would be to see Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Stephanie Hansen, Ginger Jentzen, Stephen Levin, Letitia James, Eric L. Adams, Eric Gonzalez, and so many more STAND together to say no more.

No to your hate, your judicial, political rape. We have had enough.

It's time for a coup. Political modesty is done, it's through!

With every tweet you tells us, fuck the rules

We speak a little French too, so we say politely, FUCK you too

We may be altered and shook, taken but not took

Onward...united we stand

We need a revolutionary win

R-E-S-I-S-T, Resist and let the people say, AWOMYN

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